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Gives “On Demand” a Whole New Meaning

October 29, 2011

Earlier this week I read a quote from a Google exec stating that Siri is like Star Wars and Android’s voice command like Star Treck.   What he was getting at is that Apple’s new iPhone voice command, (named Siri, one of a only a very small number of acquired technologies and introduced as they key feature in the newest iPhone) is more like the quirky robot C3PO in Star Wars:  There is intelligence.  There is personality.  There is also quirky unpredictability.

Whereas with Google’s voice command, (which I have been using off and on for over two years on a Blackberry and now on an Android), is much more like the ubiquitous “Computer” on Star Teck.  Simple commands translate into immediate action.Baby boomers– Welcome to the future.Both Apple and Google have a lot at stake with voice command and we, as consumers, will benefit mightily over the next 2 to 3 years as the voice interface migrates from our phones to our desktops, our TV’s, cars and appliances.

Here is a recent argument that Apple has a vast head start and will dominate this arena largely because Siri is like a toddler and will continue to learn from its experiences.  One of the original investors in the company behind Siri shares his views (admittedly biased, but still very compelling) in a 6 minute video available within the post.  What this post doesn’t acknowledge is that Google’s voice recognition technology is similar in the sense that all voice processing is done in the cloud by Google and therefore Google is continuously learning as well.

As we all know, competition is good.  It brings out the best.  For now, New Market Entrepreneurs need to be mindful of ‘where the puck is headed’…

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