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Creepy? New Apps Can Tell You When People In Your Social Graph Are Passing By

January 28, 2012

Our smartphones know a lot about us, especially where we are located.   

By now most are aware of apps like Foursquare that allow you to physically check in to a location and therefore tell the world (if they are also using Foursquare or monitoring Facebook or Twitter) that you are there.  The key is that users decide when to share.  There  are a slew of others offering similar services like Google’s Latitude and others(1).

Well there’s a new breed of apps entering the scene that take this one step further in terms of automating the announcement by leveraging geo information available from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.   Click here to learn more.  Here’s a bit to set the stage…

You never know when you pass a friend of a friend on the street. That might not bother you, but it drives Paul Davison crazy.

“The way we find people has been terribly inefficient,” he says. “We don’t realize how horrible it is because it’s always been that way.”

Davison created an iOS app called Highlight he hopes will add a layer of awareness to the daily act of passing people. After users connect their Facebook profiles, it will push their basic information to other people who use the app. Users can choose to make their information accessible to either everyone or friends of friends. Either way, the app only makes the connection if the two parties have something in common.     read more

The good news is that most of these apps still require you to be part of a network and give you some flexibility in terms of what you share.

If your endeavors as a New Market Entrepreneur can benefit by constant networking (whose don’t?!), apps like these could be helpful.   Also, be mindful that these geo-aware capabilities exists if your product or service can benefit from ‘in-context’, geographically relevant data.

1) Here is a list of others in the space from Crunchbase that’s likely a bit dated:  RallyRummblePlyce,TellmewhereMobnotesBlockboard,YelpBrightkiteGrindrShoutitout,FriendtickerDailyplacesGeodruid ,,WeReward.comWhereFacebook,Check.InLooptHotlisttymr

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