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Tailgating Is More Than A Party

September 9, 2012

Recently published research from Notre Dame, “A Cultural Analysis of Tailgating” is not just a great idea for a research boondoggle, but also packed with practical insights for franchises fortunate enough to have fans and venues that support the pre-game ritual.  The first-of-its-kind research shows these huge pre-game parking lot parties build community, nurture tradition, and actually contribute to the team/franchise brand — at least for the fans.

 He likens tailgating to ancient harvest festivals, during which people enjoy the fall weather and abundance of the summer harvest with massive consumption and celebration before the arrival of winter. But tailgating is a different kind of ritual than any other, says Sherry, even though there’s the atmosphere of a festival or carnival.

People literally turn their households inside out, bringing their kitchens and living rooms to the pavement outside the stadium, so that thousands of mini households are on public display on game-day,” says Sherry. “Creating this private space in a public venue is an example of a ‘consumption encampment,’ during which consumers get together and ‘camp out’ as with the Occupy Wall Street movement or camping out before a Jimmy Buffett concert. But with tailgating, fans are not only establishing family rituals that can pass through many generations, they are also becoming active participants in the game-day experience.”

“Tailgating is actually a very complex social, community-building exercise, not simply a wild party, during which fans are able to connect with and actually help create their school’s brand,” Sherry says. “Tailgating, for the fans, is literally helping to create Notre Dame, or Michigan, or USC.”

Increasingly, Marketers targeting your fan-base are looking for opportunities to interact with your fan tailgate community.  If you are a team, franchise or venue operator looking for new ways to connect your tailgating fans with those looking to reach them, look no further than your mobile app!

What?  Your have no mobile app?  What?  Your mobile app can’t do that?   Time to talk to DAZZMOBILE.

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