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For Sports Fans TV Still Rules but Web, Mobile and Social Coming On Strong. {Report}

September 23, 2012

A Burstmedia study (the report available in its entirety here) was recently published that confirms what most of us already know… sports fans are increasingly turning to the web and to social media as their primary source of sports content and information.  However, TV still rules.  Some highlights:

  • Television and content websites lead the pack as sports media sources.  One-half (49.8%) of all sports fans say the television is their primary source for sports information—and 26.5% say content websites.
  • Sports fans go online frequently.  One third (35.1%) of all sports fans go online at least once per day for sports-related reasons—but there is a large difference in daily access between devoted fans (66.8%) and casual fans (15.4%).
  • Tablets and smartphones are emerging as sports content consumption platforms. Among all sports fans, 31.6% use tablets and 45.7% use smartphones to access online sports content and video at least occasionally.
  • Sports fans are tablet and smartphone multitaskers. One-third (35.7%) of sports fans say they will use tablets and/or smartphones to access online sports content while watching sports on television (35.7%).

Some other interesting tidbits:

  • In the social media realm, one-third — 34.7% — of 18- to-34-year-olds frequently or very frequently use social media to comment on, tweet/retweet, share or link to online sports content and video.
  • Only 15.2% of 35- to-54-year-olds — and 2.5% of those age 55 or older — say they engage in the same social activity.
  • Sports fans are also tablet and smartphone multitaskers, as one-third — 35.7% — say they use tablets and/or smartphones to access online sports content while watching sports on television.
  • Devoted sports fans are overwhelmingly male (79.0%), while the gender breakdown among casual fans is evenly split.   Spanning socioeconomic categories, one half of all devoted fans have at least a college degree, while 43.7 reside in high-income households.
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