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College Football Fans Go Social for Sports News

September 29, 2012

Two stories came to our attention in recent days worth sharing.   We are just now beginning to see a new wave of College-branded sports/mobile/social offerings.  DAZZMOBILE intents to be at the forefront of this movement!

Wired magazine recently published a compelling expose on the power social/mobile has on the college sports experience.

The lifeblood of college football fandom is changing.

The painted faces crammed into the student section of stadiums nationwide have turned away from newspapers and talk radio toward social media to get stats, scores and even messages from coaches and players in real time. As social media infiltrates stadiums and clubhouses, teams are scrambling on and off the field to reach students and young alumni — an audience that constitutes 12 percent of game attendance, a figure that will only grow over time.

To understand the growing role of social media in collegiate sports, consider a 2011 study by Galen Clavio (.pdf) at Indiana University. It found 18- to 29-year-old fans are significantly more likely to rely upon social platforms like Facebook and YouTube for sports info than those older than 30. Although Clavio acknowledges the survey may self-select for a group of tech-savvy, high-earning respondents, the findings jibe with those of Pew Internet, which found 86 percent of adults aged 18 to 29 — the highest percentage among all age groups — use social networking sites on a regular basis.

Athletic departments have felt this shift, and some are struggling to navigate the changing landscape.    -read more-

This story from Mobile Marketer shares the mobile app James Madison U developed in conjunction with a partner to better serve students’ ravenous sports appetites.

James Madison University is ramping up its mobile marketing efforts to better connect with students and sports fans during football games. James Madison University uses multiple digital assets to connect with fans, including SMS, applications and social media.  -read more-



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