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Event QR Code Best Practices

September 30, 2012

We wanted to pass along the highlights of a useful post in on the best ways to leverage QR codes at you event.   

1. Put it somewhere simple – While it’s fun to see your QR code on a billboard or the ceiling, it’s not often practical. Chances are that plenty of people will see it, but few will be able to scan it. Stick to the basics here. Visibility is more important than memorability when the goal is to get the user to interact with your code.

2. Make it the right size – Once you decide where to put it, make sure your QR code is the correct size for that location relative to where most people will see it. If it’s far away, make it big.; if it’s close, make it small. Simple right? Yes, but even your passersby have to take a few steps back or forward to get the image into frame, there’s a chance you’ll lose them. The general rule is to include 10 units of distance for each unit of size (i.e. if your QR code is 10 feet away, make sure it’s one foot in diameter).

3. Link to a mobile content – Whether you’re linking to a promotion, registration page, video or product information, your QR code should lead to content specifically formatted for a mobile platform. Don’t frustrate your audience by having them pinch and zoom, introducing the possibility they could miss content that’s off screen.

4. Incentivize your code – People walking by aren’t just going to scan your code because it’s there. They have to be enticed. QR codes are easy to use, but remember, scanning them is a multistep process that offers several opportunities for the person to stop. Make them want to scan it by including clear information about what they will get from it, which leads to the last point…

5. Give instructions – As said earlier, most people know what QR codes are by now, but not everyone does. Even for those who do know, they may not have a scanning app or a real idea of how the codes work. You should be telling a potential scanner what the code is, what they need to scan it, how to scan it and what will happen if they do.

Of course, in addition to the ideas listed above, DAZZMOBILE’s Showdazz and Fandazz offerings bring deep QR code integration for a variety of powerful event applications including networking, checkins and more.

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