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Wi-Fi @ Your Event: 2 Great-reads

January 5, 2013

According to Corbin Ball, a longtime authority on everything tech in the event industry,

… demand for Wi-Fi at events is growing by high double-digit numbers each year. Tablet computers, on average, use 400% more bandwidth than other mobile devices and are becoming the fasted adopted technology hardware ever. Attendees have multiple mobile devices and expect the same broadband experience they receive at home and office – even though there may be thousands of people trying to access the Wi-Fi signal simultaneously. The recent Dreamforce Conference 2012 in San Francisco had over 10,000 simultaneous Wi-Fi users.

In Dazzmobile deployments the questions invariably come up with respect to mobile connectivity.   While carrier 3G / 4G may be enough to carry the day depending on the location, audience technology-adoption and size of your event, local Wi-Fi factors could make or break your plans for both your mobile app and your event in general.

That’s why we wanted to pass along these two highly instructive articles intended for Event Pros looking to get the most out of Wi-Fi.  First, Understanding the Internet Landscape at Hotels and Convention Centers — A Primer for Event Organizers comes to us from our friends at, authorities in providing wired and wireless (WiFi) solutions for trade shows, meetings, conferences, and corporate events.

Does it surprise you to hear that a convention center’s WiFi network does not always work? At EXHIBITOR2012 (a trade show for trade show professionals) held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, show management sent out the following apology email for the unreliable WiFi service:

Given the high volume of WiFi signals from the EXHIBITOR2012 show floor, the official […] WiFi signal was frequently facing network interference and deemed ineffective. Although Mandalay Bay made every effort to overcome this technical challenge, they were unable to deliver a consistent, working service.
Sound familiar? As an event organizer, you probably take it for granted that the venue’s WiFi network will function properly; unfortunately, often times it does not. Aging infrastructure, inadequate bandwidth, and poor capacity planning are a few of the most frequent causes of WiFi breakdown.
So how can you evaluate the venue’s in-house Internet Service Provider (ISP) and determine the quality of their wireless network if you are not a telecom engineer? By reading this white paper, you’ll gain an understanding of the factors at play, which questions to ask, and what options you have for bringing in your own ISP if you determine your venue may be lacking.
Click over to better understand the mechanics for how the in-venue web connectivity industry really works and your options for getting what you need.     Oh, not sure what you need?  Our pals at thought you’d never ask!  They’ve prepared this handy-dandy piece:  How to Discuss Your Event’s Wi-Fi Needs — A Primer for Event Organizers
Want to ‘go large’ on this stuff?  Knowledge is power.  You can never have enough of both right?  Check out their blog.  Here are some recent posts:
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