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How to Determine if a Venue can Provide Good Event WiFi for Your Next Event

January 9, 2013

Continuing on the theme of the importance of a solid Wi-Fi infrastructure for your event, consider this:

In today’s world almost no event can be successful without the aid of WiFi and other technology. And WiFi networks at events and tradeshows are becoming more and more crowded as attendees use an ever greater number of Wi-Fi enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  Bottom line, WiFi is no longer an optional perk you may or may not offer. It’s a must.
And as the number of wireless devices grows exponentially, so do the expectations of your attendees. Poor WiFi can do more than create a bad user experience; it can cause attendees to leave in order to find a better connection, or even keep them from attending the event at all if they think their productivity will be limited. Bad WiFi can also ruin a key talk and ruin exhibitor interaction – along with your reputation.
Because every venue has its own unique characteristics, and every event has attendees with varying needs, there is no simple formula you can use to ensure a great event WiFi experience.
Unfortunately, many event organizers do not have the technical background or skill set to truly determine whether or not a vendor has the ability and capacity to provide the needed WiFi for any particular event. Which means hiring an expert during the event planning phase is easily worth the investment when that expert can help ensure a great user experience and smooth running talks and presentations.
Beyond knowing the needs of your attendees, creating a positive WiFi experience begins with being able to ask the right questions.  The following questions give you a non-tech heavy approach to trying to determine if a potential venue will be able to provide you with the proper WiFi for your event’s needs. These questions are effective whether you’re interviewing a potential venue, a WiFi company, or a WiFi consultant.

Click over to see the piece and a handy list of 20 questions you should be asking of your venue with respect to their Wi-Fi.

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