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Dazzmobile Is Hiring!

May 5, 2013

dazzmobile audience engagmentDazzmobile is looking for HTML5 Coders and Top-of-Funnel Pre-Sales Pro’s.   Here’s what we are looking for.  Please send your resume to if you think you have what it takes!

PreSales Pro’s

  • Are you an accomplished B2B pre-sales door opener?
  • Do you understand the B2B Events business and hold an intelligent conversation with senior execs who’s time is short and must be respected?
  • Are you familiar with how mobile technology is currently being leveraged to enhance attendees’ experience at events?
  • Are you comfortable drafting and sending thoughtful email communications and following up with phone calls to engage target buyers in meaningful dialog?
  • Are you used to working in Marketing/Sales platforms like Nimble, Zoho, and/or

If so, we’d love to hear from you.   Aggressive, visionary sales professionals who understand how Dazzmobile is making a difference and what to get in early.  At first, our PreSales Pros will simply set up first meetings.  You will be paid a contract rate (we are looking for at commitment of at least 15 hours/week) and when deals close, you will be paid a commission.

The PreSales Role is a training role for a FT position.  You will be fully trained before you do your first outreach.  As you set up first meetings, you will listen in on all demos.  When you are ready, you will do your own demos and move up the commish ladder toward a Full Time Sales position.

HTML5 / PhoneGap Contract Developers 

  • Contract developers with demonstrable experience developing mobile aps within the framework/environment described below and illustrated on the attached slide.
  • The project would involve building upon our existing code-base to evolve this app (iOS here / Android here) to a Festival App deploying on Las Vegas in July.  The festival app will incorporate many of the same features as will as some new ones the contractors would develop.  One of the new features planned will include GeoFencing / Social discovery.
  • Contractors would be able to commit a pre-agreed number of hours per week starting immediately until the project’s completion.
Summary of Environment

  • HTML5 & CSS3 –  interface layout
  • Javascript:
  • Backbone.js – javascript MVC library for managing content & views
  • Mustache.js – javascript-based templates
  • JQuery – javascript library for interactivity & DOM manipulation
  • Cordova (formerly called PhoneGap) – wraps HTML5 app in native app for device-specific hardware access
  • Amazon EC2 servers.
  • Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP –  standard LAMP web server stack
  • Symfony2 – php MVC framework for server-side content management & API
  • Node.js – interactive content server
  • – real-time communication library for Node
  • Urban Airship – hosted push messaging support
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