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A look back at a year of Engaging, Delighting and Enchanting Audiences on behalf of our valued clients!

January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!                                                                                                                                                                                             rear-view-4

2013 was a watershed year for Dazzmobile.

Among the new customers we added to the stable (all of whom have resigned for future events) we added engagements across the board from Sales Meetings, User Conferences, Employee Events, Trade Shows, Individual Trade Show Exhibitor Booths, Festivals,… even a World-class Robotics Olympics that captured the eyes of the world.  Among the new customers are:

  • Questex Media
  • Jon Taffer’s (of TV’s Bar Rescue fame) On the Rocks Festival in Vegas
  • Ebay
  • Computer Associates
  • Clarabridge
  • IDG (global deployments)
  • Parature (recently acquired by Microsoft)
  • GXS
  • Nightclub and Bar Media Group
  • DARPA’s Robotics Challenge
  • Ahold  (global grocery store holding company)
  • Bard’s Davol Medical Device Division

We are proud of the fact that we have addressed a true pain-point in the events marketplace: a lack of engaging mobile solutions.  We’ve done this not as technologists loaded with VC funding looking to fill a void we really don’t understand like many of the vendors we see in this space; but instead as events people who have a deep grasp of technology and a strong understanding of what it takes to delight audiences.

In 2013 we differentiated ourselves in the following ways:

  • We offered custom-built solutions with customized features for about the same price as the generic brochure-ware
  • We’ve become recognized for our simple, elegant design and user experiences that delight and engage.
  • We offered cutting edge, engaging interactivity including polls, trivia, animated games and much more
  • We pioneered an unprecedented use multi-screen display driven by the mobile experience
  • We integrated a customizable incentive points system (gamification) incorporating any/all features the client wishes.

In 2013 on top of our highly interactive base platform we innovated features and user experience unlike anybody in the space.  Here are some highlights:

  • Live Musical Interaction
  • Graffiti Wall-Live Crowd Sourced Content
  • Audience Polling-Instant Response
  • Overall Event as well as Concurrent Session Interaction that’s tied to real time video displays.
  • DazzPulse-Instant Big Data access for Organizers
  • Event Photography Integration
    • Fan Photo
    • Gallery
    • Contests tied to gamification points
    • Photo Booth
    • In-booth and In-session Lead Capture, Retrieval and Real Time Reporting
    • SaaS Registration platform with full integration to mobile and event displays
    • Event and Session Check-in Activities
      • Download presentations
      • See who else is there and connect based on business rules the client specifies
      • Submit real-time survey’s
      • Submit Questions to the speaker

The end result: Dazzmobile is now recognized as a high quality provider of custom-build mobile apps for single events, multiple events as well as year round engagement.  In fact, we have been told on numerous occasions, “you guys are creating the user interface for our events” and “revolutionizing new ways to engage our audiences”.   We never expected this early in the game to be in a position where the phone rings and a total stranger is on the other line asking about our mobile app.

2014 will be no less exciting.  Stay tuned for breaking news regarding strategic partnerships that will catapult our capabilities on both the product development and product deployment / delivery sides.  Our feature roadmap (new features to be launched in 2014) will make the rest of the market look like the mobile version of the Etch-a-Sketch!  And, oh yeah, we will be opening a London office too!

We want to thank our customers, our employees and so many friends and acquaintances old an new that are in our corner helping us breath new fire into the events space.

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